Rubber Band Gun - Pirate Pistol

Arrrrgh, where would Jack Sparrow be today if he hadn't had his trusty pistol with his single shot saved for Captain Barbosa? And what do you do with a scurvy pirate if you don't have a plank handy for them to walk?? Arrr, ye be blasting them with rubber bands, matey!

A versatile toy, it's equally effective for cowboys and Indians, cops and robbers, or any number of other traditional childhood boy games - that is for parents who don't think playing with toy guns is a capital crime. Personally, I can't imagine childhood without epic gun battles. They can take the abuse of crawling through the enemy infested backyard jungle, hunting safaris in the wild basement savannah, and indian raids in the wild western family room. And these toys are kind of retro too - they make a great gifts for dads, grandpas, moms, coworkers...They're just plain fun.

The barrel is carefully sized so that the rubber bands supplied with the gun shoot for impact, but do not cause pain to bare skin even at close range. It's sturdy construction, splinter free, unfinished and ready to play, paint, stain, or whatever else you want to do with it. The gun pictured is $5.00. I usually keep these in stock and can ship the next day after you pay. Click here to buy this item

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