Rubber Band Gun - Cowboy's Double-Shot Rifle

YEE HAW! Ride 'em Cowboy! What three things does a Cowboy need most? His hat, his boots, and his gun. Imagine going up against a band of restless natives or a mad grizzly bear without your trusty rubber band gun at your side? Made from solid pine stock and poplar barrel, this sturdy reliable toy gun is guaranteed to be fun.

Includes 10 file-folder sized rubber bands, and the barrel is sized such that it doesn't leave a mark even on bare skin. Although I admit, two of these puppies loaded up and discharged on an unsuspecting coworker can make quite an impression - just ask Evon...

The gun shown, unfinished, including rubber bands, is $12.50. Other styles, multiple barrels, etc. are all available. Some options cost extra. Email me and let me know what you want.