Chess Queen - Bloodwood, 5-1/2"

This Chess Queen was made for a customer as gift to a lady who taught him to play chess. I think that's cool. It's made from bloodwood, a tropical hardwood that comes in deep reds, from light like this to dark crimson. It's very hard and dense, my personal favorite for pens. Bloodwood is actually a name for several types of reddish wood. It is hard and tough, with no smell at all, unless it's smoking hot, in which case it smells like coconut and sweet incense. Shavings are a striking bright red color, and it finishes nicely. Hard and strong, it's supposed to age to a deep brown color, but the finish will slow that down.
These jumbo chess pieces make striking gifts. The base is black felt, and the finish is glossy shellac friction polish. Because of the detailed carving work for the crown, the price as shown is $30. This was made as part of a set with a pen from the same wood.