Solid Pine Rocking Horse

Every kid loves a rocking horse. You can go out and spend $100 on a plastic horse with metal springs and sure, your kids will like it, but it's just not as cool if, for the same price, you can get the look and feel of wood and the traditional wooden horse. It's the sort of thing that you don't have to hide in a playroom because it looks good enough to have out when company comes over.

The mane and tail are yarn, the ears are felt. Very solid construction, with countersunk wood screws and glue at all joints. Doesn't creek, shift, or anything like that. You select the color of yarn, felt, and stain/oil finish. Approximate size: 30" high X 30" long X 16" wide.

Rubber Band Gun - Pirate Pistol

Arrrrgh, where would Jack Sparrow be today if he hadn't had his trusty pistol with his single shot saved for Captain Barbosa? And what do you do with a scurvy pirate if you don't have a plank handy for them to walk?? Arrr, ye be blasting them with rubber bands, matey!

A versatile toy, it's equally effective for cowboys and Indians, cops and robbers, or any number of other traditional childhood boy games - that is for parents who don't think playing with toy guns is a capital crime. Personally, I can't imagine childhood without epic gun battles. They can take the abuse of crawling through the enemy infested backyard jungle, hunting safaris in the wild basement savannah, and indian raids in the wild western family room. And these toys are kind of retro too - they make a great gifts for dads, grandpas, moms, coworkers...They're just plain fun.

The barrel is carefully sized so that the rubber bands supplied with the gun shoot for impact, but do not cause pain to bare skin even at close range. It's sturdy construction, splinter free, unfinished and ready to play, paint, stain, or whatever else you want to do with it. The gun pictured is $5.00. I usually keep these in stock and can ship the next day after you pay. Click here to buy this item

Jumbo Chess Piece

My brother-in-law was just recently asked to be the bishop of his LDS ward. For kicks, I made him a bishop chess piece for Christmas - it was about 3" diameter, 6" high, more or less. I brought it to work to show my coworkers, and well, you know how Utah is - bishops are everywyere! Two coworkers wanted to have a bishop of their own to give to their bishops. Same as with the wood bowls, they just feel cool when you hold them - nice shape, hefty feel, and natural wood grain is just very pleasing. I added felt bases too to give them that finishing touch.

Well, my brother-in-law opened his and laughed and laughed. He keeps it on his desk at work, and visitors to his office love to pick it up and play with it. The youth leadership group passes it around saying "Check" and "Check Mate" during meetings - it was a hit. Similar responses from the other two bishops who got one.

The one you see here is made from cedar and smells so good. I'm going to venture into other chess pieces for the school's chess club - it's a volunteer thing and we want to give the lady who runs it a token of our appreciation, so maybe a queen or something. My kids want me to make a chess-board kitchen table using bathroom tiles for the squares and have a giant chess set. I think that might be a little over the top - call me crazy.

Price: $20 give or take, depending on what I have to do to get your wood - exotic species are more.

Book-case Style Doll House

What girl loves dolls and doesn't want a doll house? It's like a boy who doesn't want rubber band guns. I'm glad I have boys! the rubber band guns are much cheaper :) Seriously though, this doll house is quality stuff. Heavy weight, high quality birch plywood, dado joints, bead-board backing for the basic unit. Go the extra mile for doors between rooms and door casings and patio railing like the one shown. For a little more, add crown moldings, stairs, shingles, windows.

The book-case style doll house is sized for Barbie type dolls. Starting price for a basic doll house, unfinished without the extras is $250.00. Carpet, accessories, and custom paint not included, or available as extras.

Rubber Band Gun - Cowboy's Double-Shot Rifle

YEE HAW! Ride 'em Cowboy! What three things does a Cowboy need most? His hat, his boots, and his gun. Imagine going up against a band of restless natives or a mad grizzly bear without your trusty rubber band gun at your side? Made from solid pine stock and poplar barrel, this sturdy reliable toy gun is guaranteed to be fun.

Includes 10 file-folder sized rubber bands, and the barrel is sized such that it doesn't leave a mark even on bare skin. Although I admit, two of these puppies loaded up and discharged on an unsuspecting coworker can make quite an impression - just ask Evon...

The gun shown, unfinished, including rubber bands, is $12.50. Other styles, multiple barrels, etc. are all available. Some options cost extra. Email me and let me know what you want.

Rubber Band Gun - Double-Barrel Howduh Pistol

Sometimes less is more. But NOT in this case! This two-barrel rubber band pistol is a favorite among my customers. Better yet, get one for each hand and you don't have to worry about being outgunned by the enemy... Patterned after the antique "Howduh" pistol, perfect for hunting tigers, bears, and other ferocious stuffed animals, and siblings. As with all my rubber band guns, barrels and rubber bands are matched so they shoot for impact, not to hurt. Solid pine stock, poplar barrells, and very very fun.

Price: $7.50 unfinished. I usually keep these in stock and can ship the day after you pay. Click here to buy this item