Hand-Carved and Turned Custom Chess Set

My customer for this job has very expensive tastes - two highly prized and rare woods. The top is Brazilian Tulipwood, a commercially available rosewood that has creamy yellow wood with pink, purple, or orange grain, a heavy wood that smells very floral when cut. The bottom is Madagascar Rosewood, or Boise de Rose - dark violet, and very rare commercially - Madagascar currently has an embargo on exports due to out-of-control illegal harvesting practices in their national park - stockpiles of legally for sale wood are dwindling. I don't know how he found it.

Anyway, there's no need to go for the expensive stuff - walnut and maple together look stunning, and you'll save a pretty penny. Also, the design of your pieces can save you a lot. Most of these are pretty straight forward, but the intricate carving of the mane and head on the knights really drove up the price. For a set this exact style, you're looking at $$1,120 plus wood. Go for something simpler on the knights, and the price can go down to as little as $640.00. Email me with your ideas - wood, design, etc. and we'll negotiate. Please plan on some lead time - I can't make a set like this in a week, or even a month.