Oak Penny Hockey Board

One of my best selling toys is the Penny Hockey Board, or Penny Soccer Board, which is the same thing but painted differently. This is an old-school toy that many of us made as youths, perhaps in middle school woodshop, and the toy I sell is the same thing - simple construction, hardboard and pine, made for fun and play. I had a customer who wanted something more high quality, and asked if I could make one from Oak. Well, why make one when you can make TWO... The picture above shows the result.

The corners are mitered, and keyed with purpleheart in this case, though any contrasting wood would do. The project is stained (natural oil in this case) and finished with shellac for a high-gloss finish that can be easily touched up. It's sturdy, strong, and heirloom quality. SO of course it costs a little more than the less expensive boards. Size 12"x16", price $100 finished, $70 unfinished.

Wood Choice

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Wood Shield

A Knight wihthout a shield?!?! Never! A sword alone won't block the enemy's darts or the dragon's fire. These toy shields are approximately 12"x16", and are curved like the real thing. Created from sturdy woods, designed to take a beating from toy swords and come off none-the-worse for wear. Plus, if you're so inclined, you can decorate the shield with the coat of arms of your choice.

A simple, classic toy - kids have loved wood shields and swords ever since there were kids. These wood shields are gently curved in profile, to look like the real thing. Solid construction with screws and glue, they're meant to take the abuse of being hit with toy swords and come off none the worse for wear.

Order unfinished as pictured, or stained and sealed. For a special touch, email me a coat of arms and I'll burn it into the face - all by hand of course - for a one-of-a-kind toy - price for woodburning to be determined on a case-by-case basis.


By clicking on "Order Now," buyer agrees to these terms.