Penny Hockey Rink

If you've never played penny hockey, you're missing out. The rules are easy enough for a three-year old to play, and gameplay is exciting enough for adults to become enthralled. When I made my first one, my boys dropped the video game controllers and jumped in and were good for hours.

Here are my official rules: Must flick with fingernail (no pushing). Start off from center peg. If it goes out of bounds, knock in off the sideboards. If the other person cheats, start by flicking from the nearest peg to the location of the cheat. Take alternating turns, and wait for the penny to come to a complete stop before you take your turn.

My coworkers were skeptical till they tried it and they were instantly into the game.

This penny hockey board is made out of fir and hardboard, 12"x16". I've got smaller hockey rinks, as well as penny soccer fields, or for a retro toy, go unpainted for five bucks less. Recommended for ages 3 and up - younger kids like it but they're likely to CHEAT or swallow the penny.

Sport Finish:

Please note before placing your order - these are hand-striped, bordered by unfinished pine. I can make a super-nice one with mitered corners and hardwood frame, but that costs extra. By clicking on "Order Now," buyer agrees to these terms.

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