Wood Candy Dispenser - Mason Jar and Pine

Mason-Jar gumball machines come in many shapes and sizes. This one is made from solid pine, and hand-turned to set it apart from other designs. A hidden catch keeps the mechanism from coming out - just push it in and pull it out for another piece of candy - no coin required (your kids will like that part. In fact, this little project is one my kids don't want me to sell - they want it for themselves. Don't worry, though, I will make more...)

Choose your finish, or choose maple or walnut or other hardwoods if you want to make it fancy. A perfect gift for Mom's rustic decor, or dad's desk at work.

Wood Choice

Price does not include jar - special shipping for glass makes it cheaper for you to buy a box of 12 at your nearest grocery store. I can add it if you want, just let me know. By clicking on "Order Now," buyer agrees to these terms.

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